Dennis Beetham was born in Rome New York in 1940 and married to Sue in 1965. Dennis is a father of 3 children , Denesa, Brent and Steve. Sue passed away in 1990. Dennis is currently married to Janet, his college sweet heart; and we reside in North Bend Oregon on the family ranch. Janet has 2 children Robin and Dean. Some milestones in Dennis’s career are as follows :


1. Lived in Texas, California, Washington ; however grew up in grade and high school in Portland Oregon.


2. Played football, wrestling, and track at David Douglas High School.


3. Graduated from Portland State University 1964 with a BS in Math and Physics.


4. Accepted to Oregon State University Graduate School of Chemistry in 1964 and awarded a Chemistry Teaching Assistantship .


5. Accepted to University of Oregon Graduate School of Chemistry 1965 and awarded a Chemistry Research Assistantship , working under Dr. Keanna on the steroid tetrodotoxin ,or the deadly toxin from a coral snake.


6. Hire by Celanese Chemical Company in Kingsville Texas 1968 , and promoted into the main research facilities for Chemical Process Development at Corpus Christi Texas , where Dennis was on the project team for a new process for vinyl acetate. Dennis also developed new processes in Hydrogenation and CO2 absorption .


7. Dennis was the technical supervisor for the new world scale plant in Clear Lake City Texas , and startup of new ethylene oxide , ethyl glycol , and ethylene di glycol plants.


8. Dennis was hired by Georgia Pacific Chemical Resins in Coos Bay Oregon in 1971 as engineering manager and built 6 new chemical resin plants in the USA. Dennis was also technical manager for developing UFC 85 continuous processes.


9. Dennis started DB Western (DBW ) 1975 with a new UFC and Resin plant in Las Vegas New Mexico, and supplying both UF and Melamine UF Resins to the wood products industry.


10. Dennis designed , fabricated and shipped a new generation UFC/UF/MUF plant for China in 1975 , built in North Bend Oregon. Dennis spent 3 months in China training and starting up the plant.


11. DBW designed , built , and owned plants in Turkey, Belgium, Montreal, New Brunswick, New York ,New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Louisiana, Nevada , California ; and built and sold plants listed in attachment.


12. DBW built DBWT in Laporte Texas in 2001 , which is family owned, and is the largest HCHO/ UFC/ Triazine plant in the world. This plant supplies 100% of the raw material to Dupont to manufacture “ Spandex “ fiber along with many other products.


13. DBW’s facilities in North Bend Oregon is one of the largest ASME Code fabrication shops in the western US and is home to the technical and engineering resources of DBW , DBWT, DBWM , and DBWC. DBW has designed and fabricated “ Black Cell “ pressure vessels for Bechtel Engineering for the Hanford Nuclear Plant ; critical Pharmaceutical sterilizers for the Pharmaceutical Industry; Stainless Steel screens for numerous dams to prevent fish entering the electrical turbines; and numerous large vessel for the manufacturing industry as far away as Alabama and New York , Montreal, in North America and overseas to China, Europe, Far East, Malaysia, Turkey, Trinidad, Nigeria .


14. Dennis passed his State of Oregon Engineering Exams in Civil, Chemical , Mechanical, Nuclear, and Electrical Engineering in 1986 and given No. 2333.


15. Dennis was awarded “ Science Alumni of the year “ at University of Oregon.


16. Dennis was awarded “ Cub Master of the year” and was the Scout Master 761 for 6 years. He continues to serve on the Eagle Board of Review for over 25 years and has been a major donor .


17. Dennis has been Council President of his church; president of the Boy and Girls Club during a 5,000,000$ building program; major donor to 4H , Hospice , Women Crisis Center, AL timers Center, Boys and Girls Club, and many youth programs.


18. Dennis has donated over 8 complete computer labs for libraries, schools and college.


19. Dennis and Janet enjoy our 5 children ; 11 grandchildren ; and our dog named “ Teddy Bear “ , while living on the family ranch in Oregon. Four of our children and 4 grandchildren work in the family business. We feel blessed.